MQ Adapter

I’m currently running partner server 4.6 with mqAdapter3.0 on Solaris 8. MQ 5.2 is running on OS/390 and I have very little visibility to this system.

I was able to add a queue manager and sucessfully test connectivity. The problem occurs when trying retrieve the queue list. I’m getting “no queues found” and the following in the mq log

NOTICE - MQJE001: Completion Code 2, Reason 2035
ERROR - com.wm.pkg.MQSeries.api.MQSeriesException: [BASMQSP.0002.0062] PCFQuery could not connect to the Queue Manager

The only thing the mqadmin could tell me was that I was trying to connect to the following queues:

We’ve installed all the jars/property files from the mq client into wM and set our envir variables as well.


Hi Corey,

The MQ uses PCF command to get the queue names from the queue manager. I’m not sure if PCF is supported on OS390. However, I know this is supported on Solaris.

The command to start the MQ Command Server for PCF command is:

To shut it down:

If PCF is supported on OS390, make sure it’s running.

Hope this helps…


Thanks for your input. OS/390 does not support PCF so I will try the 2.0 instead.


I Just upgrade the MQSeries Adapter to 3.0 and i receive the following error message when i try to configure

“No Queues found for MQST”

Note: MQST is the Queue Manager

I checked the logfile.txt there i see the following error messege

2003-02-05 16:16:35,097 [B2B HTTP Handler] ERROR - Completion Code 2, Reason 3001

Any idea to solve this problem will be greatly appreciated



Hello Jay,

i am experiencing the same problem with the WebSphere MQ wM Adapter 3.0. Have you been able to solve the problem? If yes, i would greatly appreciate if you could share your solution. I will post here if i find anything new on this.

Cheers, Alex