MQ adapter link not appears in Admin Console


Iam using webMethods 7.1.x. I installed WebSphere MQ Adapter 6.5.(Ref : 6-5_WebSphere_MQ_Adapter_Install_Guide.pdf)
And there is WebSphere MQ server

Iam not able to see the MQ Adapter link in IS Admin Console.

While starting IS, the following error is occuring.

2010-06-26 23:43:45 PDT [ISS.0028.0012I] WmJDBCAdapter: Startup service (pub.pollingNotificationUtils:startup)
2010-06-26 23:43:45 PDT [ISS.0028.0012I] WmMQAdapter: Startup service (wm.mqseries.admin:registerAdapter)
2010-06-26 23:43:45 PDT [ISS.0028.0048E] Failed to read class from input stream

Iam new to MQ Adapter.

Can any one help me?


Hi all,

The following Posts helped me a lot. After copying the jar files to IS\lib\jars
folder, the problem solved.