Adapter Configuration - MQSeries

When I try and configure the MQSeries adapter in Unix environment, I am getting the following exception
“javax/transaction/xa/xaexception noclassdefined”
(The same is running prefectly in stand alone windows pc)
Any help wouldbe appreciated

Hey, just wondering if you have found anything to solve this problem. I’m running on solaris, IS4.6, MQ Adapter and when I add a server and try to test it I get the same error.

Thank you,
Chris Ebaugh
Middleware Support
Walt Disney World


  1. copied all of the other jars from $MQSERIES/java/lib to the $IS46/lib/jars
  2. added $MQSERIES/java/lib to the LD_LIBRARY_PATH
  3. restarted IS4.6

MqAdapter is now working just fine.

Hope this helps someone else.