Trying to config the MQ Series Adapter

Receiving this error message. Runing MQSeries 5.2 and have downloaded the MA88 MQSeries classes for JAVA. Can anyone help?

Task: Start adapter process in test mode:
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/ibm/mq/MQException

Hi Tony,

Include the following jars in the classpath of the adapter. fscontext.jar,,,connector.jar, These jars you can find in your mqseries classes for java installation directory.

Rajesh, thanks for the information.

One move issue: It appears that they were not part of the MQSeries download or the MA88 SupportPac for Win. And idea where I can find the rest of the jars?

Hi Tony,

They are not part of the down load but If you install the support pac you can see them in one of the directory(may be in /lib). If you are not able to find let me know.

We are configuring the MQ Series adapter for a SendMsg. I notice that the MQSeries User Guide refers to two function’s a PUTMsg and a SENDmsg Operations. What is the difference?

Configuring the SendMsg we have filed out all of the Application Field Definition’s and in the Application Fields tab checked the all Use Column but when we select the Output tab nothing is showing. Any assistance will be appreciated.

With the new WebSphere MQ Adapter 6.0, we have noticed that the two jar files ( and need to be in the …/packages/WmMQAdapter/code/jars/static directory. This is different than what the MQ Adapter 6.0 Installation Guide specifies. It says to put these jars into …/packages/WmMQAdapter/code/jars and we noticed that the jar files aren’t loaded from this location.

Has anyone else noticed this? We noticed similar behavior with the JDBC Adapter 6.0.3 (i.e., to put a zip file in the …/static directory).


Same here. I had to create a folder by name static to get it working.


DG - Since that last post, we’ve decided to put those 2 jar files in $IS_HOME/lib/jars so they’re available to all packages.

where can i get the, and the mqjbdnXX.dll

urgent please