Hi Team,

We want to use AS400 in our Adapter connection.We understood that we need to place the JT400.jar file in IS/lib/jars path.

When we are placing it and restarting ,the IS is not coming up.

When we removed the jar and restarted , it came up.

We are using 9.12 servers. Also, we are using the same jar file in our other 9.12 IS Servers.Its working fine there.

Are we missing something.

Kindly advise

If you are using the same jar file in the other v9.12 then it should work same on the problematic server isn’t?

When you say Adapter connection you mean installed AS400 adapter on your IS?


It is not recommended to put your adapter jars on IS/lib/jars. The supported location for all these adapters is the Adapter location; not the generic IS location.

Use it at /softwareag/IntegrationServer/instances/default/packages/WmAS400/code/jars

Any questions?

I echo with Mahesh and yes.

Please use this path and upload the adapter specific jars in the following path

Jars upload path:
/SoftwareAG_dir/IntegrationServer/instances/default/packages/WmAS400/code/jars/static (folder)

Finally restart the IS for the configuration to take effect.