Monitoring Jdbc Pool Alias


Is there any way to monitor Jdbc Pool Alias and test the connectivity, i have found two services in wmRoot package but while executing its throwing exception, could any one please let us know how to use these services ?


  1. wm.server.jdbcpool:testPool
  2. wm.server.jdbcpool:testPoolAlias

We know there is no documentation available for the services in wmRoot package, but any info on this will be highly appreciated.



WmRoot is not intended for general use and services may disappear when upgrading to another version. You’re now warned :biggrin:

Now, I build my own monitoring to tracks IS internals and I use some of WmRoot private services.
As said, there is no documentation, so the solution is :
1/ to find out on which DSP this service is used
2/ you will find inputs and output in those DSP.

In order to track JDBC activities, I’m using directly JAVA api.

Hoping it helps.

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