which one can help me to use pub.jdbc:getPoolInfo

I want to use pub.jdbc:getPoolInfo to look the JDBC connection pool’s status ,but when i typed the jdbc connection name in functionalAlias,there is no any valueable message return .is any one use this built in service before?

Do you want to get the pool connection settings for JDBC adapter connection or the JDBC pools.

You may have to try with Services under WmART package to get all the JDBC pool/meta data details

Please use that route:


Yes, i want to to get the jdbcconnection info dynamicly,as my JDBC adapter often occur ORA-17410 ERROR, but i don’t know how to deal with it . the error info is can’not read more data in the sockets.
i guess it was cause some developer use no transaction to run batch insert JDBC Adapter.
who can tell me what i should map in functionalAlias.by the way ,i want to know if i use no transaction jdbc connection to run batch-insert or batch-update adapter ,what error i will meet ? thank you for your
reply in advance. :slight_smile:

For batch insert/update you should use LOCAL_TRANSACTION and yes ART services can give you some of the metadata information like alias etc…Did you try that option?


Thank you for your reply ,and i will try it tomorrow . can you tell me if you meet the JDBC error ora-17420
or the error can not close the jdbc connection .

Can you put full error details from your logs for ORA-17410.

Did you touch base with your DBA or try to reset the JDBC connection and see if the issue goes away assuming the minimum connection set to 0?

Also you can try to google on the ORA-17410 for more details.