How to automate the JDBC Pool test ping in webMethods

Do we can use wm.server.jdbcpool.testpool service and how to use this.


you can use this service at your own risk as it is an internal WmRoot service and therefore undocumented.
It can change its behaviour without notice, which might break your code eventually.

Can you elaborate on your use case a bit deeper, please?
What do you want to achieve by using this service?


I need to test the JDBC Pool Connections and get the result as part of sanity check

Create an adapter service that does a “select * from dual;” or similar.

Keep in mind:

  • The pool connections min size should typically be 0. If set above 0 you might encounter errors due to stale connections (wM IS thinks the connection is good, but the server closed it)

  • If you’re monitoring, use Optimize for Infrastructure accessed via MWS. A “roll your own” monitoring can be okay, but you may want something a bit more formal.

  • What is prompting the desire to “sanity check” a JDBC connection pool? Typically, connectivity to DBs is not an issue.

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I would leverage the services in WmART to check the connection alias status and availability of the connection pool. Let me know if you have any questions.


as far as I know WmART services are not enable to connect to the internal JDBC-Pool aliases.

Eventually there might be some methods in the IntegrationServer Java API for this.