Service for listing the existing JMS connection alias

There is a flow service named - ‘listAdapterConnections’ under the WmArt package which lists the existing registered JDBC adapters. I was wondering whether there is any such flow service for JMS.
Is there any existing flow service which lists the existing JMS connection alias?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Did you look at WmRoot?

I found one named - wm.server.jms:getConnectionAliasReport in the wmRoot which returns a document list of all the existing connection alias when we give the input field as blank, but the problem is that the service does not have any output field, thus I am not able to access the output when I invoke the service else where

Create a flow service and in output create the document list (same as output of wm.server.jms:getConnectionAliasReport) and call wm.server.jms:getConnectionAliasReport or you can create the document list in the pipeline (initialize it to empty and then invoke wm.server.jms:getConnectionAliasReport ) the values will be populated at run time.

Just note that WmRoot is internal to webMethods product suite and SAG use it at developers risk!

Thanks for the info Mahesh! :slight_smile: