Monitoring alerts on IS, MWS & Broker


We have a requirement where a script or scheduled task(windows) will monitor IS, MWS & Broker and generate an alert if they are down or not accessible for “x” amount of time in addition to O4I alerts.

For broker server, we can get status through “broker_status” command and for IS we have a in-built “ping” service. But we really don’t want to rely only on “ping” service, is there anything else we can monitor in IS and conclude that it went down or hung?

And for MWS, no clue how to monitor the component other than O4I. Any help on this is really appreciated.


O4I is the best bet in your case and yes MWS there is no ping other than you can monitor the MWS PID (windows/unix script) from the temp or check full_log for the status of it any crash symptoms etc…


Hi There,
You can simply accomplish it by Unix alerts. Kindly do a little effort with which you can get fruitful results. Let us know if you stuck in middle.


@MR as173d

How do you setup for MWS ping alers unix level any example you can share?



Let us say,mws script is by passing parameters based on the nodes it does start corresponding instance.

var=ps -eaf |grep

Let us say, we are running with some user ‘x’ then we can use the below logic :

var1=ps -eaf |grep -i 'x' |grep -v grep

Now based on var/var1 we can implement our logic.

Please let me know if still any voice on this.


Thanks to both of you for valuable inputs.

Our’s is windows environment, regarding MWS, monitoring PID will serve our purpose as it is not a critical component for running business, but we are looking more options for IS.

Do you know anything else other than “ping” service for monitoring IS ?