Monitoring wM Enterprise amp IS servers feedback please


Our company is reviewing our options for monitoring our webMethods integration components running on Enterprise server 5.0.1 and Integration server 4.6.
What are people using for automated notification ? Any of the following ?: 1) Custom scripts 2) webMethods Manager 3) BMC Patrol using webMethods module 4) SNMP 5) No monitoring…wait for users to start screaming 6) Other
We know that webMethods Manager will do the job but it cost quite a few pesos. The webMethods module for BMC Patrol will also work…but again this costs a few bucks.
I’m interested to hear what other webMethods (IS & ES) customers use for monitoring the infrastructure and integrations. I know some of the client tools (eg. Enterprise Manager) can show statistics on the platform, however we want automated notification if a broker fails, or an adapter fails, etc… We don’t want our support people to have to sit in front of a client tool and keep pressing enter or refresh.

Comments ? Thoughts ? Please…



openview has two products:

  • openview g-SPI for webMethods
    free download and provide basic monitoring features
    free of charge
  • openview SPI for webMethods (work with wM manager)
    this one is more powerful but there will be cost


Do you have the link to openview g-SPI for webMethods?


Not hard to find…just fired up Google… Try this:


Thanks for the feedback. Our company does not have HP Openview so unfortunately this is not an option for us.



what we used is couple of cronjobs… which would check broker and adapters…

using broker_ping … and if it goes down… /fails… generate an alert… by sending an email to mailbox/mobile/pager…

something that you can build yourself inhouse… and use if your servers are configured correctly with sendmail (if you are using unix like we do…)

you can also write custom apps using webMethods admin apis… and do the same… would not cost you anything in software except bit of labour… and would also serve as good training ground on webMethods Admin APIs…

Chiraq, thanks for the feedback.
It’s good to hear what other webMethods customers are doing.