webMethods components monitoring


we are using webmethods 8.0 and we have a requiremnt to monitor all webmethods components, check the status of components and alert.

  1. IS
  2. Brokers
  3. Broker server
  4. MWS
  5. Infrastructure Data collector (IDC)
  6. Analytical engine
  7. Centrasite
  8. Adapters
  9. Deployer
    11)SMTP server

Planning to go ahead using built in services like wm.server:ping, wm.server.query:getstats for checking IS and for broker use service wm.optimize.admin:getBrokerURL and then ping url.

Any ideas or suggestions for implementing this will be highly appreciated.


Optimize for infrastructure would be of help in your case. You can define rules and alert criteria for components using OFIā€¦

yup, OFI is the way to go for this requirement.