Alert for Integration server is down

Hi experts,

Can someone please suggest, If my Integration server is down… I have to get the alerts.
Please suggest with the shell code.

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K M, Varun

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Hi Varun,

do you have CommandCentral or Optimize for Infrastructure available in your license?

Additionally, you can try to check for the existence of the Java Processes in your system or the existence of a PID/anchor file in the profiles/IS_/bin directory of the instance.

There are more possibilities, but they will have to be checked with your operations team, which they prefer.



@varunkmv , When you say

is your intention just to monitor the status of the Integration Server? If yes then the methods mentioned by Holger will work just fine. But if you need to trigger some actions while Integration Server is shutting down , then there are other ways like adding a shutdown service to your package , for example. It depends on what your usecase is.


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Hello Varun,

I am not sure if this will resolve your issue, but you can try to create a service.

  1. you can create a flow service(wrapper flow service) and then call wm.server.admin:getServerStatus inside that service. Also add pub.client:smtp service in the same wrapper service to send a mail (incase IS is down)
  2. later you can create a scheduler which executes, lets say every 30 mins. You can call the wrapper service in the scheduler.

Thanks and Regards,
Ameya :slight_smile:

Hi Ameya,

and how will you execute this service if IS is down or in the middle of shutting down?


I would recommend investing a third party system to monitor your applications.
You could use something like prometheus with alerting.
You could also Grafana to show fancy dashboards.

The nice thing is that Integration Server (if you have an MSR license) is already compatible with Prometheus, just configure it to collection health data from your server at


and that’s it

Here’s a tech article describing how to do it.

If you don’t have a license you can always just ping the server via


but, I would definitely invest in an MSR license going forward


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Just a minor correction, http://localhost:5555/health returns data in JSON format with response as 200 if state of various resources hosted on the server is good - About the Health Gauge (, else response code of 503 is returned.

For getting data in the prometheus format, please use http://localhost:5555/metrics instead. Invoking the Metrics Endpoint ( provides more information on this.


oops, thanks for the correction @Kalpesh_Shah1

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