What are the ways to check when Integration Server is down?

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For eg: If the IS is down due to the Port issues how can we check ? or what are the reasons for IS down ?
and how do diagnostic data help for bringing up the IS ?

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What’s your wM version? What’s your OS?
I need to know this before I can give a comprehensive reply.


You can check the logs and see if there is any error related to the port or not like this one…

Hi @varunkmv ,
I hope that these points provide a starting point to diagnose.

[quote=“varunkmv, post:1, topic:253331”]
If the IS is down due to the Port issues
[/quote] - do you mean that the port is inaccessible ? Are there other ports that could still be accessed? You can try to access the diagnostic port.
You need to define what IS down means to you , there could be issues due to which IS could hang and not respond at all.

Diagnostic data includes data such as logs/ configurations etc which are present in the file system where IS has been installed. To start off, The server logs would be present in the instances/<instance_name> folder. Based on the logging destination for the error log which could be file system/ database, you could check the error logs as well.
If it is part of a larger installation which includes CC , there are other ways you could check the responsiveness of IS.

As Kasi has mentioned , it is necessary to know the wm version/OS etc , it would be best if you could also provide the exact installation details with products installed. That would lead to a more pointed answer.



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