I need to get alert email if Integration server is in down

Hi Guys,
I need a help to write a service which notifies alert email when IS is down.
For example I need to monitor daily 30-40 servers manually instead of that I need to get alert email if IS is down.
Please help me on this.
Thanks in advance.

My experience is to implement it based on ART, the benefits are :

  1. You could leverage the ART to maintain connection information, especially some information needs to be encrypted
  2. You could reuse the standard ART GUI to maintain the instances to be monitored
  3. You could use standard ART services to ping target server programmatically
  4. It’s easy to extend for monitoring multiple instances, just create another adapter connection
  5. It’s easy to extend for monitoring other types of server, e.g. UM, just develop a different adapter connection

The idea is to develop a customized adapter.

  1. Develop one adapter connection (IS), and in the initialize method of the connection invoking ping service of remote server to check if it’s alive. You could choose to thrown exception if it’s not alive.
  2. Create a schedule to disable then enable all the connection of this kind of adapter, then you could get service exception if anyone is down.
  3. Send out notification email via anyway you’re familiar depends on the status of step2.

In your case, no need to develop any service template, polling notification and listener, so it costs very little. I developed such a tool to monitor IS, UM, MWS, Salesforce and NetSuite in just two days.

You can write a ping service which makes use of WmPublic/pub.client:http service which returns status of the server. Accordingly you can trigger alert notification if it down.