Monitor IS periodically


I want to make a service, which monitors the IS, periodically, say about 5 minutes. It is an RI Server.
The service should return nothing, or just a debug log, saying it is up. But want a High Priority Email notification, when down.

Please help and suggest me. Can be a flow, or Java service.



Just write a simple service on internal server to ping
http://RI:5555/invoke/wm.server:ping and schedule it accordingly…It will retrun timestamp if server is up or error if down.
In catch block you can write logic to send alerts.

PS: Specify the timeout in your http call else in case of unresponsive state of IS this call will hung, ofcoarse depends on your global net time out setting.

hope it helps!

Hello Naren,

Sory for late reply, but thanks for the suggestion, I created a try catch block using sequence and used remoke invoke service. And it is working fine.

But I still did not get the timeout thing, which you mentioned.



Set the timeout property of the http service.
If it is not given then their is chances of your service going into unresponsive mode when IS is not responding and you will not receive any alert emails too…

You can as we have write a java script in the file system and have it called by a scheduled service

If using unix/linux, You can do follwing :- create a batch/script file to monitor IS process + IS port status- Schedule it with cron or any other sceduler.Regards,Hukam

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