Check UM status using java code/built in service

I am working on a utility where I need to check if UM is up and running. I am not sure if any built service is available to get this done. If anyone has the java code to check the status of UM then please provide it.

Hi Ameya,

when trying to connect to UM from java code there will be an exception when this is not possible.
This exception can then be handled within code.

When connecting to UM from flow code you can use the configured Messaging Alias for UM from IS Admin → Settings → Messaging.

If you need this check for other reasons, please describe them so we can check for further options.


If you have Command Central or Optimize for Infrastructure (In My webMethods) you can monitor infrastructure with those tools.

Also as of 10.11 Universal Messaging is provided with a /health API that you can leverage from tools like Prometheus and Grafana.

Here are the instructions to set it up


Hi Holger,

I am not sure if I understood you statement correctly, but as per my requirement what i am trying to achieve is get the status of UM(running/stop) and display the same over DSP page. So I need either flow service or java service which can get the status of UM

Hi reamon,
we don’t have these two options. I am developing a UI using dsp to monitor important details like IS status, disk space and UM related details. I have cleared the IS and diskspace logic, but not able to find something that could give the UM related details through code.

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