Missing Units when upgrading stack through Command Central

Hi everyone, I’ve been trying to upgrade webmethods products through Command Central using the upgrade stacks feature. I have two machines, one running the Command Central (CCE and SPM) and a second one with some products (SPM, Integration Server, Universal Messaging) both running in 10.7 version and trying to upgrade to 10.11. When i do the upgrade i get an error stating that there are missing Units:

job: 51 → Un-handled internal server error. Error occurred while creating a template on the remote managed node with alias: server2.
Remote task status is [SPMTEME0019] Error occurred during execution of operation APPLY on template migration_generated_Stack1_Infrastructure_server2_inline-template-OSGI-SPM_server2
[EXPLANATION] The error occurred when executing the specified operation. [ACTION] Check the logs for more details about the error. >> [SPMCOME0007] Un-handled internal server error.
Last action status: Units ‘[com.softwareag.event.routing.configuration.feature.feature.group, com.softwareag.events.deployment.feature.feature.group, com.softwareag.eda.deployment.service.feature.feature.group,
com.softwareag.events.spm.feature.feature.group]’ are not installed [EXPLANATION] A Platform Manager Exception occurred. [ACTION] Resolve the exception. [EXPLANATION] A Platform Manager Exception occurred. [ACTION] Resolve the exception.

I have checked the products installed and I have everything event related installed including all the latest fixes. In the directory /opt/softwareag/common/runtime/bundles i have deployer-acdl-shared, digital-event-services, digital-event-services-cc, digital-event-services-shared, event-routing, event-routing-cc, event-routing-shared; in these there are “units” with names very similar to the ones in the error but not quite the same.

So, does anyone know what bundle I need that includes these units, or any other workaround for this?

Thanks in advance, I usually find very useful information around here and hope you can help me out!


Hi Antonio,

Best would be to open a support incident and provide CCE logs and the templates used for the migration.

Many Thanks