Missing content or filename

Hi all,

I am using Webmethods V4.6 and trying to deliver a document to a partner. I have set up the profile for the partner including the delivery method (ftp).

I have a processing rule that tries to deliver the doc using the partners preferred protocol.
However, during the delivery step I get an error with the message
“Filename or content missing”. A similar message is displayed when I try the e-mail protocol.

BTW the document has no structure… it will be delivered as a flat file (fixed length).

Do I need to specify extraction rules for the extended attributes ?

Apologies if this sounds like a trivial problem, but I’m fairly new to the trading networks thing.


I am having a very similar issue. I have a processing rule with accepts a bizdoc I’ve sent to TN-- and I want it to FTP to a partners site… It recognizes the document but gets the “Filename or content missing” error on the last step of FTP delivery.

Can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong ?


Are you able to view the “content” of the file in trading networks console ? (in “Transaction Analysis”)

If your are submitting the flat file through routeFlatFile, make sure you are passing data through as stream.

Yes, I can view “content” in the transaction analysis. I am submitting the document using wm.tn:submit. I created a bizdoc using createNewEnvelope (where i use the internalID of the document type I created in TN), then used wm.tn.doc:addContentPart where I pass it the string of my file to be processed. This shows up in TN exactly as I want it to… the name of the contentPart is “cellularExtract”… and thats how it shows up in the content of the transaction analysis view.

Instead of all the process that you have done,you can just invoke wm.tn.doc.ff:routeFlatFile and pass the stream,TNParams.This will definetly work and FTP’s the data. (using same primaryFTP)


Great, this worked for me! I appreciate your response. I know this was address in other threads, but does anyone know how to set the name of the destination file that is FTPed?


We had to write a custom FTP delivery service to set the file name. If you find a way using the standard TN FTP delivery, I’d like to know as well.