Minidump information written

what softwrae i read the minidump file created by Adabas Workbench?

I try very softwares but i dont read.

Can you please explain what “minidump” you refer to ?

When i try to start database.
in last line of report.


%ADANUC-I-CREATED, dataset NUCTMP1, file C:\ProgramData\Software AG\Adabas/db012\NUCTMP1.012 created

[1] Thread (9) - PID 3324 - Fri Sep 14 12:48:59 2012

[1] Exception c0000005 at pc = 0x705518A8
[1] Access violation reading at address 0x0000000C

[1] Registers

[1] Eax 0x0000000c Ebx 0x7276b7f4 Ecx 0x7ffffffe Edx 0x0b7de473
[1] Esi 0x00000000 Edi 0x0000000c
[1] Eip 0x705518a8 Esp 0x0b7de098 Ebp 0x0b7de31c EFlags 0x00010202
[1] SegCs 0x0000001b SegSs 0x00000023 SegDs 0x00000023 SegEs 0x00000023
[1] SegFs 0x0000003b SegGs 0x00000000
[1] Dr0 0x00000000 Dr1 0x00000000 Dr2 0x00000000 Dr3 0x00000000
[1] Dr6 0x00000000 Dr7 0x00000000

[1] Current work directory: C:\ProgramData\Software AG\Adabas\db012
[1] User profile directory: C:\Users\Claudio

[1] Minidump information written to C:\Users\Claudio\SAGSMP.M.001.12-48-59

These dumps are meant to be handled by Software AG support and R&D only.


you have to use some linux/apache web bench to write minidump, you have to configure it first and all ports should be dedicated.