Adabas monitoring

Our company has new rules that all of our databases must adhere to. Since I’m not Adabas savvy (more Oracle), and we lost our original Adabas DBA, there are some questions about how Adabas will be monitored. Here are a few that we need answered for now.

  1. Are there tuning parameters?
  2. How do we look at fragmentation and resolve the fragmentation?
  3. Review that there is enough space for growth in the containers?
  4. Review that there is enough space in the file for growth?

Thank you.

  3. ADAREP … free
  4. ADAREP … content

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Check to see if you have any of the monitoring products installed - Adabas Review, TRIM, or APAS. They will assist you in monitoring the database performance and help with determining if the tuning parameters (Adabas Nucleus ADANUC parameters) need to be adjusted.

If you have Adabas Online Services (AOS), most of the information can be reviewed online.

Fragmentation is indicated by the number of extents in an area - DS (data storage) or, within the index area (associator), AC (Address Converter), UI (Upper Index), NI (Normal Index). ADAREP contains a summary listing those areas and the number of extents for each by file. The number of extents allowed depends on the version of Adabas.

Thank you for you quick reply. I’ll look at the ADAREP report. Unfortunately, we don’t have any monitoring products. I have been digging around and found scripts that use ADAMON. Will that work?

SOX is requiring some new rules so we need answers for them. I know this forum has experienced technical IT people and that I can post questions and receive the ADABAS guidance I need.

Again, thanks.

I’d like to hear about SAG or 3rd-party monitoring products. I don’t know of any. Doug’s list was for mainframes, not Open Systems.

I don’t know any SAG or 3rd-party monitoring tools.


Oracle has alert logs that record archive log switches, errors, database maintenance, etc. Does Adabas have anything like that? I know they have the plog, but we can’t review those can we? We need something that we can actually review.

Again, thanks.

Under Windows, the DBA Workbench has reports of command and protection logs, but you need to force a log switch. That is, you can look at history only - what happened, not what is happening. There is no real-time monitoring.

We don’t have DBA Workbench or if we do no one knows anything about it or how to get it to work. Are there any type of logs that record the errors, db maintenance, etc. I know the PLOG records the activities within the application/db, but are there logs that record only the db issues?


DBA Workbench is included with Adabas on Open Systems (sorry about my earlier posting listing mainframe suggestions!).

The workbench is started with the “adadba” command. It is an option to install during the product installation, so if it isn’t there, try re-installing and make sure it is selected.

Within the ada/dbnnn (eg ada/db001) directory, there should be an “adanuc.log”. It will report database issues.