ADABAS Monitoring Product For UNIX

Does anyone know of a product similar to Review or Apas or Trim that can help in monitoring ADABAS on a Unix platform. We are running Natural and ADABAS in the Unix environment and are looking for any products that can help us with the tuning and monitoring. Any help or direction would be appreciated.

I’m not aware of any such product for Open Systems. Natural doesn’t even have a DBLOG facility here.

I have little experience with the Unix version, but perhaps the same functionality exists as under Windows. There, the DBA Workbench has a function to force a PLOG switch. Its List Protection Log function provides reporting that’s better than DBLOG, but not in the same league as Review/APAS/Trim.

On Open Systems you can trace Adabas calls by setting the environment variable NAT_TRACE. It can also be set in the Configuration Utility.

1 trace all database calls that returned an error
2 trace all calls before the database call
3 trace all calls after the database call
4 trace all calls before and after the database call
6 trace all calls after the call in a short format (1 line per call)

Trace files are assigned the suffix “.TRC” and are put into Natural’s temp directory (also defined in Configuration Utility).

Kiran: could you get the information you needed about REVIEW/APAS/TRIM on UNIX platform?
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