Create a backup for db adabas in Linux

Help me if you want??? :frowning:

Do you mean Adabas (the one which is available on Open Systems and on Mainframe ?) or Adabas D ? If you mean Adabas D please post your question under another topic in this forum

Hello PRT!

Yes, I want to help you. But I guess you have to tell us more about your problem. Just a few questions:

  1. Which Operating System do you use?
  2. Which ADABAS Version do you use?
  3. Do you want to make a backup for safety reasons or do you want to make a backup and restore it anywhere else?

I thank the help but already I made backup
i use this command
adabck dbid=1 dump =*
(use Linux suse 9 and adabas v3.2)

But my recommendation is, to post into the right forum next time. “Adabas Basics on Open Systems” would be better.

Then it’s not so confusing for us … :wink: