ADABAS UNIX to Windows conversion

Hi there,

Can anyone help me with converting ADABAS 331 from SUN 5.9 to ADABAS 331 on WINDOWS 2000 Server.

I am a newbie so a dummies guide would be appreciated.


I would try to create a backup on SUN 5.9 and restore the backup on Win2000.
On SunOS: Shutdown the database (e.g. database no. 23) and create a backup.

adastop 23
export BCK001
adabck db=23 dump=*

Now transfer the file to Windows. Make sure, that you transfer the file binary (no ASCII-Conversion etc.)
On Windows: Create a Database if necessary and make a restore.

I’ve done these steps with LINUX → Windows and that worked. So I think, this should work for Sun → Windows, too.

Good luck


Solaris Backups are not usable on Windows. Linux Backup are because the
Linux and Windows (Intel) are low order platforms (Low order first byte).
These to platforms are Backup compatible.

Solaris is a high order first platform. Here you can’t use the Solaris backup on
Windows. I think the only possibility is a sequence like

adauld can unload files out of backup files.



I have had a look at the adauld, adadcu etc and its all very technical, is there a dummies guide, step by step guide.(low-orde-byte first etc)

I am a newbie and will appreciate any help.

Thank for the response so far, u guys r great.


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You’re right! The Linux I was talking about was installed on a PC. So both of the systems were Little-Endian.

But remember that Linux can be Big-Edian as well (e.g. if it is installed on a Sun-platform).

Not sure if this will work either, but it might be worth using ADAORD to try and move the data - not sure if it is high/low order dependant.

Peter Dowson

No, ADAORD cannot be used either.

If you think it is to complicated to start all these utilities from the command line, I recommend using the DBA workbench.