BACKUP from Unix Solaris to Windows XP

Hello, I have to move data from ADABAS Version (02) (Solaris 64bit) to ADABAS on Windows XP, I tried to do it with ADABCK but I could not.

Can anyone help me?

thank you very much

You will have to unload / decompress on Solaris
and compress / load on Windows
due to the architectural differences between the two.

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In case someone is not aware, Sun (or, I guess now Oracle) hardware is big-endian, like IBM z/Architecture and predecessors, and Windows on Intel machines are little-endian. (I state the Windows qualification because I don’t know if Windows NT Alpha was big or little, since the Alpha architecture was bi.)

It depends on the processor type. Sun SPARC is big endian. Intel/AMD little endian.

But Solaris for x86 is not a supported platform for Software AG products anyway, only SPARC is :wink:

Ja, ich habe viel spezifich sein sollen. :oops:

And Linux on SPARC? :wink:

Interesting, didn’t know Linux ports to SPARC are available …

see worlds’s fastest supercomputer…

Is there a platform where Linux has not been ported? (Maybe the IBM 1401… :smiley: )