Adabas compatibility

Can I use a container made on Aix system on a linux system ( red-hat)?
So… I’ve an AIX 5.3 system with adabas 3.3.3 installed, and i want to copy my production container to my test environment that is a Linux Red-hat 5.1. Are these container good and available?
There is a convert utility that can do this?

If both systems got the same endianess, I would try to make an ADABCK dump/restore for this…

For our business services it’s not possible doing backup-restore. I want to copy files using storage infrastructure. Today I can copy an adabas 3.3.3 online containers files ( ASSO - DATA -WORK ) from server A ( Aix 5.3 ) to server B ( Aix 5.3 ) and restar the database into the B server whitout ( …sometimes :oops: with autorestart ) problems. Copy process is done by EMC San Copy features. I want to replicate this process but instead have Aix 5.3 on Server B i want use a Linux Red-hat on intel platform! 8)

To be honest: This is not a proper way to backup a database. You will end up with inconsistences (e.g. between ASSO and DATA)

Red Hat @ intel is little endian. If AIX 5.3 @ ??? is big endian, this “transfer” will never work. The reason is that integers are stored in a different way.

Power processors are big-Endian, while Intel Architecture processors are little-Endian.

Good question!
I think you have to use ADAULD,ADADCU,…

That’s only half of the story, even then one will have to specify, using the ADADCU TARGET_ARCHITECTURE keyword, that the decompressed data is to be transformed from little- to big-endian.