Predict Unix to Linux - Transfering data (SYSDICBE UNLOAD/LOAD)


I have already posted Natural Adabas migration issue on Open Unix to Linux, and now, I would like to know how the best way to transfer Predict data.

The customer doesn’t have a lot information stored in Predict, so, I think Unload/Load process could be the best option, however, as I am transfering the data from Unix to Linux, there may be a problem with endiness issue.

The doubt is: Can I unload Predict data using SYSDICBE, transfer to Linux and Load as is the data were created in the new site (Linux)? Or do I need to transfer the file as Adabas (unload, decompress, compress (using source architecture), load) to the new environment (Linux) and then unload Predict data?


You should definitely be able to use SYSDICBE as it is the tool written for the task,
it’ll work even when unloading from a mainframe and loading into Linux, and there’s
a bit more of a difference than just the endianess :wink:

Hi Wolfgang,

thank you, I will do it.