Predict Migration V3.4.1 to V4.4.1 -- os/390 -> z/OS

Have been advised that I need to go through each version of predict to finally arrive at 4.4.1.

Can I use the Predict Import / Export functionality to do this in one step. The manual is not entirelly explict in this regard.

This is part of a total migration of Adabas, Natural and Predict…


The SYSDICBE unload/load can be difficult which is why stepping up is normally recommended and you cannot go straight from 342 to 441, go from 342 > 422 > 441. Make sure your data is as clean as possible with consistency checks; apply all corrections to 422 before loading the data, the same in 441; read the release notes and install documentation for the versions in between. If you have access to ServLine24 there are a couple of technical papers under migration that will help.

Of course this is if you are upgrading everything at once, if you are upgrading ADA and NAT in steps you have to look at version compatibility issues.

SR583128 / SI530167 inidcates that the SYSDICBE v342 (not 341)export function output can be imported to PRD441 directly on open systems.
Is it true ? If so, can it be used on mainframe ? Please kindly advise.

Victor Law

I have not had customers report on open systems but I have had them who can not do the jump on the mainframe and upgraded as previously stated. I see your request 612968, where there they said it is not possible.

Also the EXPORT/IMPORT function is not the function of SYSDICBE to use, use the UNLOAD/LOAD.