Migration Issue for Trading Network from 8.2.2 to 9.5.1

We are migrating from 8.2.2 to 9.5.1 using migrate.bat which is happening successfully even after selecting trading network data migrate we are not able to get data in database. Other way we tried with TNimport and Export but we are facing attribute issue with foreign Key. only few partner/processing rules and Document types are moving to new database Can somebody help us telling how we need to run the scripts to migrate the data and what need to be done or any other way


The TN migration tasks works differently and its not straight forward with export/import.

Basically you can take DBA help for data pump tool (assuming yours is oracle DB) all the TN822 schema and move it to the new schema/account and then run the migrate scripts located in the DB configurator db folders (make sure the both the IS’s are down during this datapump/migrate tasks) and also review the TN upgrade documentation for the migrate and post activity steps for successful TN migration tasks.


Hi Deepak Motiwala,

Migrating the Trading Networks components will be the challenge in the whole migration process. wM provides script for migration. However depending upon the DB local configuration this script can fail for number of reasons. This needs most attention and preparation than anything else. Manual route has
proven to be the best as per experience. Please implement and update the forum with the issues encountered and fixes applied to fix them.


Yes please follow the migration steps narrated in the specs and take some DBA help as needed as you may encounter with DB permissions and pk,fk constraints issues during migration tasks for TN.