Problems with TN while migrating to new hardware


We are migrating the Integration server to the new hardware. In this process, we need to transport the Processing rules, Document types and Partner profiles in Trading networks to the server on new hardware. Is there any way to migrate all of them without the burden of creating everything on new server. I want to know a way to configure and migrate all the contents from Trading networks. We are doing export and import in TN console to migrate but getting the following error.

[Microsoft][SQLServer 2000 Driver for JDBC]Can’t start manual transaction mode because there are cloned connections.

We are using WM 4.6 on NT platform. If it minds we use JDBC adapter to
connect to MS SQL server. Any ideas how to proceed.

Thanks in advance,


If you are just migrate the IS server, you don’t need to do the TN data export/import. If the SQL server migrate, then just points to the new server.


Just point your existing MS SQL server connection to new server location.Since TN stores all the information in the database which you are aware of it and so there is no need of using export/import all the profiles/doctypes/processingrules etc,…


The SQL server is also going to migrate to the new hardware. We connected to the SQL server using JDBC adapter successfully. But not showing up any profiles in TN. We have created some of the tables that we thought are to be in new database. Basically we want a new fresh database for the new IS. Do we need to do anything from SQL server side.
Any clues where we went wrong …


What do you mean by wanting ‘a new fresh database for the new IS’? Do you want to retain the existing TN master data (profiles, document types, processing rules), but have no transactional data?

If so, you need to copy data across from the TN Master Data tables. We did this recently. The data copy should be done in two steps, because of table dependencies.
1st set of tables: BinaryType, BizDocAttributeDef, BizDocTypeDef, ContactType, DeliveryService, Destination, FieldGroup, IDType, PartnerBinary, Partner, PartnerID, PartnerProfileField, Processing Rule, ProfileField, Remote, TNModelVersion.

2nd set of tables: Address, BizDocTypeAttribute, Contact.

If not, can you please re-phrase your question.


I have a similar follow-up question. We have 3 IS servers with TN -development, test, and production. We have 3 databases on a single MS SQL Server instance - wm6dev, wm6test, and wm6. On our production server, we’re able to see partners’ profiles via the TNWeb interface, but when I moved the data from wm6 to wm6Dev, the data made it over, but the profiles are not viewable via the web interface. Anyone know what may cause this? Is there some setting on the development server’s TN that we need to enable profiles to be viewable.

Also, the transaction document details are not available on dev.