Migration from wME 411 to wM 60

We are using wME 4.1.1 now.

As there is much talk about wME 6.0 & since there is a
chance that older version support may be discontinued after
a year or two, we are looking forward planning to migrate to
6.0 when the product is released and stabilized. (Second
Quarter of 2003)

Do you have any information on the migration process and the
roadmap for the same?

Has any of you started planning for the same?

Does any one of you plan to utilize the webMethods Manager
tool for your monitoring purpose? If you are already using
the same, how do you feel about the tool?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Curious One. :slight_smile:

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Hey Curious One,
I’m curious about this rumor that older versions may not be supported in the next 1 to 2 years. We are running 4.02 and are not thinking about upgrading because of the letter from WM that stated that they are going to support all version of their product. We have a lot of custom ATC code and we currently don’t won’t to fix what isn’t broke.

Any info on this would appreciated.


Don’t worry, Mac. webMethods will continue to support older versions and deprecated methods in future releases.

From a customer standpoint, I am happy to see that webMethods truly puts us first. It is no easy task to implement (and manage!) this type of support for customers, but once again, webMethods is separating itself from its peers.

Just my two cents, of course.

Curious One:

So did you already start on the 4.1.1 to 6.0 migration. I am beginning to work on this for my company and I am looking for any information that may help me. Are there any good migration documents available?

Hi Donna, there are various upgrade (migration) docs available at webMethods Advantage web site. Select Bookshelf then Installation and Upgrade.
The docs you might be interested in are:

  1. Pre-6.0 Enterprise to webMethods 6 Upgrade Guide - This guide explains how to upgrade pre-6.0 webMethods Enterprise business logic components so you can use them in a webMethods 6 development environment. It also provides information on planning and testing the upgrade.

  2. Pre-6.0 Enterprise to webMethods 6 Upgrade Support Matrix

Another good doc is “Leveraging webMethods 6 with Previous webMethods Solutions”. This can be found at Advantage…under Bookshelf, webMethods Integration Platform.

I hope these are helpful to you.



The only snag in this “support forever” scenario is on what OS versions. For instance, IBM has told us that they will not support AIX 4.3.3 past 12/31/03 and we need to migrate to AIX 5.x soon. wM IS 4.6 is not supported on 5.x, and they have no plans to support any newer AIX releases. ES 4.6, however is supported on AIX 5.x. What happens when IBM forces us to move to some future release of AIX, like 5.5 or 6.0? Will older releases of wM be supported under those? I say probably not.

I am looking for any migration experience from Wm 4.1.1 to Wm6.0 In particular those that did an ATC code migration.

ATC code migration is not an easy one, our experience migrating from ATC 1.1 to ATC/ATE 4.1.1 was so bad that we are not very comfortable with migrating ATC code to Wm6 unless we do have positive feedback from some people that have done so with success.



There is also a recently-posted on-line working tutorial on the use of the Upgrade Utility that is similar in format to the webMethods eLearning modules. This tutorial walks through a sample exercise and explains a lot of the details. It can be found on advantage here:


I don’t believe that there is any specific walkthrough of an ATC-based example however.


Would like to know if anybody uses Broker6.1 with ATC? And their experience with migration from 4 to 6/6.1 for the broker.

Would also like to know if Broker 6.1 offers anything beyond Broker5?

I believe the major additions for 6.x were the BrokerClusterPublisher methods, web based administration, gateway pause and keep-alive and various Broker JMS enhancements. See the 6.1 and 6.01 Broker release notes for additional details: