WM 60 performance


Will there be any performance improvements after migrating IS4.6 code to 6.0 server ? Is there any document that describes the same ?


Yes, I will be indeed also very interested in understanding performance enhancements.

Actually there are a couple of areas (in terms of performance comparision) which should be quite interesting and useful to know:

  • webMethods Integration Server 4.6 -> 6.0
  • webMethods Enterprise 5.x -> webMethods Broker (6.0)
  • webMethods Enterprise-Integration Bridge/Broker Package -> native support for publish/subscribe within Integration Server
  • New Adapters, for instance webMethods JDBC Adapter 6.0 v/s webMethods Enterprise JDBC Adapter (and webMethods JDBC Adapter for version 4.6)

(Does the Advantage site have any docs around these as well?)


When will be the IS4.6 to 6.01 migration tool will be set to released?

Any ideas on this?

I heard that it is bound to come out during the last quarter of this year

wM has stated fairly consistently that migration tools will be made available in 6.5. The timing of that release is fuzzy.

wM has also stated that 6 is targeted at new customers. Existing customers are “encouraged” to wait for 6.5. I’ve also heard rumors that 6 is “not yet tuned for performance.”

This is pure speculation on my part but I’d guess that there are no specific performance gains, other than potential interaction improvements between IS and the broker. I have no inside information about this but it seems like these are the characterisitics of 6:

  • IS 6 is IS 4.6 with additions for “native” interaction with the broker and the so-called hierarchical pub/sub.

  • IS 6 is ES 5. I recall wM statements that 5 was developed and released primarily in preparation for 6. And since all the ES dev tools were dropped in 6, Developer needed changing to support some of the “old” functionality.

  • The biggest effort would seem to be the development of the new adapter model and admin/dev-related facilities in IS and the broker to exchange doc definitions and such.

Of course I may be off base in this perception. Someone please jump in and correct me if I’ve got it wrong.

Perhaps folks that have moved things from 4.6 to 6 can speak to actual or perceived performance gains. I sincerely hope that things haven’t actually become slower.

A slightly unrelated question. In your experiene, what is the optimal “configuration” for running the webMethods 6 environent (IS+Enterprise+tools) on a workstation/laptop.