Issues- wm v6.x vs wm v4.6?

webMethods is our corp standard. Our company has recently embarked on bunch of EAI (behind-the-firewall type) projects. These applications belong to different functional areas and appropriate data will be exchanged between these applications. I understand that webMethods recently announced v6.x which contains enhancements (inclusion of JBOSS app server, support for WebSvcs, enhanced business process monitoring etc) over the existing v4.6. Because of immediate project timelines & stability issues, one functional area is leaning towards using webMethods version 4.6 (although there is a plan to move to version 6.x by next year or so). The other functional area (which has a bit relaxed deadlines) will use webMethods version 6.x.

Since I’m not familiar with intricacies between the two versions, I’m hoping if anyone can shed a light on potential issues (wm 4.6 application talking to wm 6.x, potential dangers (if any) in not taking advantage of enhanced features of wm6.x, migration issues, migration costs, stability issues, etc) that we might get into and whether there’re any best practices.

Any response is appreciated.

There are a number of resources available on Advantage that will help answer some of your questions.

Check out the Getting Started with webMethods 6 page at for a bunch of good information about the new platform.

You’ll probably also be interested in the doc titled
“Levearaging webMethods 6 with Previous webMethods Solutions 6.0.1” which can be found in the Bookshelf at

You mentioned JBoss and Enterprise Web Services; make sure you also check out the Special Interest Group area for more information on both of those. SIGs are accessible at

Hope this helps get you started.



This reference to mail Release Annoucements Forum and the Topic is WebMethods Integration Platform 6.0.1 - Released 21 March 2003. In the mail webmethods told they are going to release migrating tool for convertion currenct project 5.0 to webmethods 6.0 in after three months. Any body have idea about this tool, is it avaiable in the market. If any body started migration of there project from 5.0 to 6.0 then I want know how they are converting and taking care Enterpirse Server Integration logic. Why becuase as per my knoweldge webmethods 6 broker user ful to routing the doucment total integration logic going to sit on Integration server. But in my previous project we are using ES and IS on webmethods 5.0 and we are planing for migration of webmethods6.0.1. If you have information or doucments please send