Using Enterprise Integrator 46 with Broker 6

Hi. I am in the process of planning our v 6.0.1. GA install and upgrade. We are trying to decide if we should upgrade all of our 5.0.1. brokers to 6.0.1. We know it is possible to “point” our Enterprise adapters to v6 brokers…the question is: if we upgrade to 6.0.1. brokers can we use Enterprise Integrator v 4.6 to maintain the integration components…or do we have to keep the broker at 5.0.1. ?



EI will work on Broker6. Actually Broker6 is nearly identical to Broker5; as far as I can tell, just some minor added functionality (mostly in API’s).

Hi Jordan,

EI doesn’t work with Broker 6.0.1. Instead of EI you have to use Developer 6.0.1 for creating flow,services,documents,adapter notificatios,etc.,


Narendra, EI DOES work with Broker 6.0.1. We use this architecture currently because we do not have IS based adapter for one of the systems. We use wM 6.0.1 with an old ES adapter 4.1 connected to Broker 6.0.1.
We see no problems with this architecture.

Just to clarify this a bit:
EI is required to create/maintain/test/debug adapter logic (i.e. integration components) for the “old” (pre version 6) ES adapters, even if they are connected to a 6.0.1. broker. Adapter Manager or Adapter Config tools are used to create/configure these adapters.
The IS Developer is used to create/maintain/test/debug logic for v6+ adapters. Use the webMethods web admin page to create/configure these adapters.

Clear as mud ?



Hi Konik,

Are you connecting to Broker 6.0.1 without using ES Pre Version 6.0.1, I think you might leveraged Pre Version 6.0.1 Broker with Broker 6.0.1

We too having the same Architecture…


We do not have ES Pre Version 6.0.1. What we have is just an old style Enterprise adapter 4.1, which connects to the wM 6.0.1. Broker

Hi Konik,

Good to hear that…I have called up webMethods support team,but they told that wM 6.0.1 doesn’t support the old Enterprise Adapters and they sugggested to use mixed Enivornment.

Can you tell me what is the Enterprise Adapter 4.1 you are using?

Thanks in Advance.


Hi Thota,

I am using Portal Infranet adapter.

Can you explain the mixed environment that you are mentioning. I am not sure I understand what you mean…


Thota and Janusz, this is going around in circles

Thota: I’m not sure what webMethods support told you but webMethods 6+ CAN support old Enterprise adapters.

The old Enterprise adapters CAN be used in webMethods version 6+, however (as I mentioned above) you will need to use the Enterprise Integrator and Adapter Manager tool to create/configure/test/debug the adapters. The old adapters can be pointed to version 6+ brokers or continue to point to pre-version 6 brokers.

If you want (need) to use a broker with IS version 6+ then it must be a version 6+ broker. You cannot connect IS 6+ to a pre-version 6 broker. You have the option of upgrading your pre-version 6 brokers, or if you don’t (can’t) upgrade your broker you can create a webMethods Territory and put a new 6.0.1. broker in it along with your 5.0.1. broker.
Have a look at the document “Leveraging webMethods 6 with Previous webMethods Solutions”. If you have version 6 installed you can find this doc under <webmethods>\doc directory. It is called LeveragingWM6.pdf. You can also find this document at the webMethods Advantage web site: Select Bookshelf, then webMethods Integration Platfom.
You should also read the webMethods Integration Platform Upgrade Guide for version 6.0.1.

If you are still not clear on this contact me directly at my personal email.



Hi Wayne,

Are you sure that all Enterprise Adapters will work with Broker 6.0.1 ?

I know only, if you know any OTHER webMethods support team. Let me know so that i CAN get to know more.

I will forward mail from webMethods Support Team which i know.


Hi Thota, our local (Toronto) webMethods guy followed up with webMethods Product Development in March 2003 and asked them if ES 4.x adapters will work with version 6, and their response was “4.x adapters work on webMethods 6”. This fact was also verified by Phil Leary and you can read his comment in the following thread (see March 19 2003):

If you have questions about a specific ES adapter not working with version 6 broker then let me know and we can work it out with webMethods support and product development. You might want to tell your contact at webMethods support what you heard from me. We can put him/her in contact my source at webMethods.




I recently attended a webMethods Users Group meeting in June 2003 where Dave McJanet, a product manager at webMethods stated that the integrations and Adapters from as far back as version 3.1.3 will run on a 6.0.1 Broker.

I am currently upgrading our environment to 6.0.1 and I have all my 4.X adapters running connected to a 6.0.1 broker with no problems. I made no configurations changes to any adapter nor did I have to modify any integration components. They all ran without problem.

What I think you are confusing is the support of available adapters that are built and architected on the ADK 6.0 and run within the IS server and run FLOW. Currently only the JDBC adapter is available for the new platform. Other adapters (Siebel, Peoplesoft, Remedy etc…) are in the development process and will be rolled out and supported over time.



I don’t recall hearing the v3 adapters would work on a v6 ES broker…

Can anyone confirm?


Thanks Wayne,Steven.


Hi Janusz
In the similar style what you did for portal infranet adapter, I was trying to connect to the 6 broker.
while I am running the adapter with correct parameters, i am getting the following error, any idea why this is like this
thx in advance

Task: Start adapter process in test mode:
[Adapter] (085) The adapter process could not start up.
java.lang.String:0: ErrBuf Fields:
Field=UnknownField0 Rec=0 reserved=0
Facility=0 MessageID=0 Time=5:15 PM Version=0 Reserved2=0
Nested Error:

Because of the errors shown above, this adapter process cannot be enabled! You can only save this entry without enabling it.

The error message you are seeing is not related with the Broker 6. It is the error connecting to Infranet CM. I saw this error only when my configuration was not correct (ip address or port of the Infranet CM) or when the CM itself was down.

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EI will work with broker 6. Actually we do have Enterprise Adapters 4.1.1 connected to a broker 6.0.1 in production. I my self used EI 4.6 to maintain integrations running on a broker 6. But in order for that to work fine, you will have to patch your version 4 broker before to migrate it to version 6.

The minimally required patches / service packs for 4.X future
compatibility are as follows:

for Enterprise Server Version 4.0.2: patch 402patch103
for Enterprise Server Version 4.1: patch 41Ppatch17
for Enterprise Server Version 4.1.1: service pack EBKR411SP17