Migrating CAF Applications from 9.5 SP1 to 9.12


I am currently trying to migrate some CAF Applications from 9.5 SP1 to 9.12.

After checking out the CAF projects from SVN and doing some small corrections i.e. for duplicate control ids Designer is showing me a lot of errors related to incorrect classpath/missing imports.

Any ideas how to get Designer seeing the appropriate libs by default or where to add the libs in the preferences dialog?
Especially, how to get the “com.webmethods.caf.faces” resolved and imported.


In the Designer,

  • Make sure you have defined the MWS runtime in the Preferences
  • Switch to UI development perspective
  • in the Navigator view or Projects view, right click on the CAF project.
  • in the context menu click on CAF → repair CAF project, that should solve all the errors you are seeing.


Hi Vinay,

thanks for your response, but I checked and performed the steps described by you already (even several times).
Unfortunately without access, it is still showing me the errors described above.


Is it possible to share your CAF application from 9.5 SP1 environment.I will try to get it to work on my environment.

Hi Vinay,

thanks for the response but unfortunately I am not allowed to share the projects.

We are awaiting a consultant to assist us with the migration.
I will ask them th check this.
Additionally I will ask a colleague of mine to install the same Designer version and try to build the projects from there.

I think that there is a severe classpath issue with my Designer installation as Designer cannot connect to the Broker 9.6 designated for Optimize usage (error here is NoClassDefFound for WmJMSNamingContext).

But I am sure that all neccessary components have been installed on this installation.