Migrating Broker document type from wM7.1.2 to wM10.5

Dear all,
Does UM recognize namespace in document type?
While trying to migrate a package into originally from wM7.1.2 to wM10.5, using the “migrateDocTypeTriggersToUM” function, I’m getting this warning
[ISS.0086.9369] Partial filter conversion - Dropped:[ISS.0098.9094] Filter cannot be completely migrated to Provider Filter (UM). Contains field with an invalid name:tt:troubleTicketValue/tt:troubleTicketKey/co:type…

The original 7.1.2 Broker trigger filter is something like this
%tt:troubleTicketValue/tt:troubleTicketKey/co:applicationDN% L_EQUALS “X~IM~INCIDENT” &&
%tt:troubleTicketValue/tt:troubleSystemDN% L_EQUALS “HPSD” &&
%tt:troubleTicketValue/tt:troubleTicketKey/co:type% L_EQUALS “CREATE” ||
%tt:troubleTicketValue/tt:troubleTicketKey/co:type% L_EQUALS “create”

If I have to manually modify the document type and remove the namespace it will be a really tedious process because of the many dependent services using the referenced document type (with namespace tt).


if possible you should check if you can just update Broker to 10.5 and resync the doc types.

Migration from Broker to UM is not easy esp. when using doc types with weird settings like namespaces.
Broker will warn about these namespaces as well, but as long as such doc types are only used within IS/Broker setups they are working.


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