Hi Team,

Can anyone tell me , if the filter at the Broker level in the MWS can be edited or it can be different as whatever is given at trigger level.

Can we add a new filter condition at broker level in MWS?

It’s not advisable to add/edit the filter condition directly on the mws (broker), better do it in the trigger, the same will be reflected in the broker.

There might be a condition where you see duplicate filter conditions appearing on the mws due to the number of times you edit/change the filter condition on the trigger.

Let us know your issues/concerns.

Yes it’s not advisable on the MWS (Broker) page and do it from the Designer/trigger level and as Mahesh pointed it could create new problems etc…



what type of trigger is this?
Is this a normal IntegrationServer trigger or is it a trigger generated by ProcessDevelopment?
In the latter case this should only be changed on the appropriate subscription steps in Designer and then regenerated by Build&Upload.
For normal triggers I agree with Mahesh and RMG.