Migrating 3.1 to 4.1


I would like to migrate a database to 4.1.1. In the documentation it is described to use the ‘set version’ function. The problem is that the two different Tamino versions are on different machines. If I try to use ‘set version’ I got the error ‘no other version of Tamino installed, not possible’.

Is there another solution or something to solve this? Or do I have to install Tamino on the new Server, import the old database to this installation, use ‘set version’ and uninstall the

Thanks for help,


hi marko,

from your post it looks as if you had tamino 3.1.x installed on one machine and tamino 4.1.x installed on a different machine.
in that case, the easiest way to “migragte” is to unload and reload it via the Tamino Data Loader inoxmld.
the “set version” button only works if you have both versions installed on one machine.

if all of this does not match your scenario, please let us know what you specifically want to do.

andreas f.


thanks for the tip, I never used the Data Loader and already forgotten about it. I think this should work for the XML data, but in the documentation there is mentioned that loading of nonXML data is not supported. Is it the same for unloading?
If so, do you have any ideas how to handle these collections?

Thanks again,