3.1 -> 4.1


I made backup my databases in tamino 3.1
Now I want to migrate all my database from tamino 3.1 into tamino 4.1

I tried using 4.1 tamino, create database from backup. Unfortunately, I got the following error messages:

Severity Message MessageID Date/Time
Creating database ‘mydb’ INOAAI0457 2003-02-18 11:51:55
Tamino database handling on Windows NT INODSA1002 2003-02-18 11:51:57
The database type and/or version does not match the backup INODSF4258 2003-02-18 11:51:57
Terminated with errors INODSF1436 2003-02-18 11:52:04
Database mybp was not created correctly, cleanup will be performed INODSI2016 2003-02-18 11:52:04
Internal error from DSIF interface dsif_createDB returncode 1 error number 0 INOAAE0641 2003-02-18 11:52:11
The “Create Database” function failed INOAAE0459 2003-02-18 11:52:11

What should I do?

Thanks in advance!

best regards,
Dariusz Baumann

hello dariusz,

in tamino you can not migrate databases from 3.1 to 4.1 by restoring a backup.

however, in the documentation you will find a “Migration Reference Guide” which explains all the necessary steps in detail.

for the upcoming tamino version 4.1.2, an automated migration process is scheduled.

andreas f.

Hi Dariusz,

normally you can just use “Set Version” on a V3.1 database (as long as you do not use TSD2)