Error while migrating database to

I have a version Tamino database.
I am trying to set its version to
I recieve an error like this :

Setting version for database CAPA INOAAI0445 on Windows NT INODSA1002
database ‘CAPA’ at structure level for version INODSI1417
A TSD2 collection was found and must be migrated first. INOCVE8061
Terminated with errors INODSF1436
Set database version failed INOAAE0402

But I dont have any TSD2 shcemas in my database.
All my schemas are TSD3.
Can someone help me please.

You can use the migration tool “analyzer” to check the status of your database. The tool exists in the directory …/Tamino

Run it like this:

inoanalyze -project c:\temp\ -uri http://hostname/tamino -database databasename

and see if you have any TSD2 collections …

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Analyzer gave such an error :

Information: Environment set successful!

Analyzer start
Version :
ERROR [main] - Data level could not be retrieved. You need the latest hot fix for this version to perform the analysis.
ERROR [main] - Please contact your software supplier.

You need to apply Tamino 312 Hotfix 23 to make the analyzer work. You can get the hotfix from your local Software AG affiliate.