Installing version 4.1.4


We want to migrate out Tamino db to 4.1.4. If anybody has done this successfully before do you have any recommendations? We would prefer to uninstall after 4.1.4 is running and all db’s have been converted.

Can anybody tell me if it is even worth it to upgrade TSD3 schema’s to TSD4?

On a test machine when we upgraded to 4.1.4 and ran the ‘inoanalyze’ tool we got the error message that the database is not available. I can see in the Manager that the db is up and running and I can make queries to it. Why would I get this message?


I can get the “database not available” error if I code the -uri parameter with the slashes the wrong way round, like this:

inoanalyze -project test -uri http:\\localhost\tamino -database welcome3_1_2_1 -collection ino:etc
Analyzer start
Database http:\\localhost\tamino/welcome3_1_2_1 not available.
</pre><BR>If I reverse the slashes, it works. <BR><pre class="ip-ubbcode-code-pre">inoanalyze -project test -uri http://localhost/tamino -database welcome3_1_2_1 -collection ino:etc
Analyzer start
Version :
Analyzing TSD3/4 collection ino:etc
write analyzer results in directory : test\inoetc\migration
Database analyzed successfully!

Does this help?