Tamino migration / massive loading

we are migrating a customer from Tamino 2 to Tamino
I have 3 Gbytes in a non XML format (audio, video, etc.) spread into 5.000 documents which I would not like to include one by one.
Can you give an idea from the best way to load the legacy data? Is there a tools, a utility which I can use?

Thanks in advance

Monica Fernandes

Hi Fernandes. :smiley:

I have the same problem over here, hehehe…
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you should be able to upgrade to Tamino 3.1 by just calling “setVersion”.
Additionaly you should use the Migration tool provided by Tamino 3.1 to migrate to TSD3 (new schema format of Tamino Server).
No unload for NonXML data is necessary in that case so it is very efficient.

Regards, Harald

Regards, Harald

WebDAV usage:

Hello Monica,

if you want to upgrade your DB from Tamino 2 to Tamino 3, Harald suggested the “setVersion” command.

If you want to copy your Tamino 2 data to a Tamino 3 DB, the Tamino WebDAV Server could help you here.

Following steps are needed:

1) install WebDAV (if not already done)
2) configure 2 stores, one pointing to the source, and the second to the target collection/DB.
3) run repairer/collection enabler on the source store.
4) drag and drop with the file manager the content of the source store to the target store.

Currently there is one drawback:

If the Tamino non XML resources contain already Tamino DB names, the current version of the enabler will discard those names and create new ones. This will be solved in one of the next versions.

Best regards


Thanks Harald and Juergen, for your prompt reply.

Maybe it is better I describe in further details what kind of problem we have been experiencing here.

We have used migration tool successfuly. Anyway, with Tamino 3.1.1. Under Tamino the migration tool has cancelled.
But my nonXML data is not present when I access the present data at Tamino version 3. The schema was converted, the collection and doctypes are in the converted database, but not the data itself.

Further I cannot unload the nonXML data as it is not supported.

Thanks again.


could you give more information what you mean with “cancelled”?
Did you get any error messages?

Did you finalize or undo the migration?

Regards, Harald

Hi Harald.

We have finished the migration. But the nonXML data is not present at the new database.
The schema has been translated from TSD2 to TSD3,
the collection is there but not the data.
I mean, I can access my nonXML data from the old but not from the converted database.
So, at the moment I have my nonXML data to upload to the migrated database. It is a set of 5000 multimidia objects (gifs, avi, etc).
As the nonXML data seems to be not supported by either migration tools or unload, or any other utilities we are currently developing a program that will upload the objects from the file system.

Thank you very much for your help.

Kind regards,


This sounds like an error in the migration tool.
Did you report this to the Software AG support team?
Did you get any error message during migration?

Regards, Harald