Migrate FTP to FTPS and SFTP, HTTP to HTTPS in wM 9.5 to 10.5

Hi All,

We are planing to migrate FTP to FTPS and SFTP, HTTP to HTTPS, Could you please help me on this.

Note:- We are migrating 9.5 and 9.8 to 10.5 (HOP 9.12)

Hi Hariom,

Migration of these protocols can be done on wM 9.5, and then you can transport the new settings to the newer versions.

As long as you do not require an active FTP Port on your IS it is advisable to migrate to SFTP instead of migrating to FTPS.
When you are currently using a FTP-Port in your IS-Port-Config it might be worth to be checked if this can be replaced by a WS-Notification and then get the offered file via SFTP from remote SFTP server instead of placing the file in the working directory of your local IS-FTP-Port.

See IS Built-In-Services Reference for the pub.client.ftp:* and pub.client.sftp:* folders for further informations.

See IS Administrators Guide for informations about how to set up server certificate and chain which can be used in HTTPS-Ports as well as outgoing HTTPS-Calls to Partner systems.

Remember to switch your HTTPS-Ports to “useJSSE=Yes” and set the Extended Settings in IS accordingly to disable unsecure SSLv3, TLS v1.0 and TLS V1.1 protocols. More details can be found in several threads here in the community.

When migrating from wM 9.5 to wM 10.5, you will need an intermediate Hop (either wM 9.12, wM 10.1 or wM 10.3).
Migrating from wM 9.8 to wM 10.5 should be possible as a direct migration.
See Supported Upgrade Pathes documentation in Empower´s or TechCommunity´s Documentation section.


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Hi Holger,

Is there any guidelines document if you can please refer.


Yes I would also suggest this possible path:
wM9.5–>wMv912 (wM 10.1/3)–>wMv10.5

If you end up with wM9.5 to wM10.5 then you will face various difficulties in the migration aspects especially wiht Database objects/packages (underline outdated patches/configs mainly releases related to the pre 10.x upgrades)

Good luck on your migration journey to the latest 10.5!


Hi Hariom,

please note the following changes when migrating:

  • The database tables for ProcessAudit data have been renamed (see Monitor Users Guide for details).
  • The directory structure for IntegrationServer has changed:
    – the content under IntegrationServer is only used as a template now for configuring new instances
    – the real instance(s) is/are now located under IntegrationServer/instances/
    – See IS Administrators Guide for details.

When migrating from FTP/FTPS to SFTP you can replace the services from pub.client.ftp:* with the corresponding services from pub.client.sftp:*, but be aware to make some adjustments afterwards as the inputs/outputs might have different names and/or datatypes.
See IS Built-In-Services Reference for further informations.