Microsoft Package on WM 601

Does anyone know if the Microsoft Package for WebMethods will run on WebMethods 6.0.1 ? Probably we’re just going to use the Client API (creating a .NET assembly that clients use to connect to WebMethods)

I believe Microsoft Package(Adapter) is not released and General Availablity?

The webMethods Microsoft Package 6.1 was released in January as part of the webMethods Integration Platform 6.1. According to the Installation and User’s Guide, the package requires Integration Server and Developer 6.1.

You can find more information about the Microsoft Package on webMethods Advantage (registration required) at the links below.


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Actually this was not listed in the CurrentAdapter Releases list on the Advantage.please make it stated on this section if applicable.


The new .Net API contains most of the functionality of the Java API, but not all. I believe it was created using both Visual J .Net and Visual C# .Net.

It might be possible to install the .Net package on one IS 6.1 server, use Developer 6.1 to generate a simple .Net client and then point that client at a 6.01 server. Your client would still need the four DLL’s that make up the .Net API.

Not sure why you would want to do this, but it might just work.


Thanks for all your answers. I looked through the documentation, but couldn’t find anywhere stated that the package required WM 6.1, but that’s probably just me.

The only reason for me wanting to use this on WM 6.0.1 is that 6.0.1 is the version used by the organization we’re developing the solution for, and they have decided not to upgrade yet. But now it seems that they will let me use WebServices instead, and then it won’t be a problem anymore …


The Current Releases page on Advantage ( does list the webMethods Microsoft Package 6.1. It is listed under the “Products” heading, not under “webMethods Adapters”.


In the webMethods Microsoft Package Installation and User’s Guide, under Installing the .NET Package > System Requirements > Software Requirements > webMethods Components (page 20), there is a table that lists the webMethods components you must install.

Integration Server package for Microsoft .NET - requires Integration Server 6.1

Developer plug-in for Microsoft .NET - requires Developer 6.1 and Integration Server 6.1

webMethods add-in for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET - requires Integration Server 6.1


can any one know how to load a file(not as a Stream) from a folder and store that file into some other folder. this process has to be done using a flow service. can any one tell how to set the values and how to set mappings.? and how to do this process.


I dont know why is your requirment needs load the file (in bytes not as a Stream)Anyway

If the file stored inside the IntegrationServer directories then using the flowservice logic firststep will be pub.file:getFile and set the input parameter loadAs (bytes),in the filename (specify the filepath wmHome/IntegrationServer/flatfiles/yourfinename) it gives outbut body/bytes then write a java service to move file or if you dont want to use java service then do bytesToString and using sample.IO.test:writeToFile (WmSamples package service)write the loaded file to someother folder in the IntegrationServer directory…

Or else use the filepolling port that will move the file automatically,but this uses Stream…


The issue we are having is that the .NET web service we need to call is expecting Kerberos Authentication. Although it looks like WM doesn’t support this out of the box, can we pass a Kerberos ticket to the .NET web service by using the webMethods Microsoft Package? Or any other method?