Messages in Queues Lost

Hi Team,

Thanx in adavance.

We will publish the notifiction document to the Queue using jms.send service. But the target system with connect to the Queue through amqp protocol and retrieve the messages at a particular interval of time in a day. Yesterday we have published the data to the Queue and the target system is saying the data dint reach us. We are not aware what happened to the message in the Queue.

Is there any way we can trace when it is pushed to the Queue and who popped it from the Queue.
Could you please help us out. Is there we can put logging on Particular Queue.?

I assume you are referring to Universal Messaging (you don’t mention it in your post).
You can see some statistics on push/pop statistics in Enterprise Manager or in Command Central. But you can’t track individual messages.
Your best approach is to ensure transactional semantics on both the publish and subscribe sides. That will ensure that messages cannot be lost during the handover to and from UM.