Alert in case message is not getting popped from the queue {UMS}

Hello All,

We are using wM 9.7.

I faced an issue where messages were stucked in JMS queue.

During investigation, I just disabled and enabled back the associated JMS trigger and the stucked messages started processing.

Just wanted to know whether there is any mechanism where we can get an alert in case if the JMS queue is not functioning properly (for e.g: messages are not getting popped from the queue)

Appreciate your help…


I see your messaing system used here is UM. You can monitor the JMS queue via UM enterprise manager/viewer

or check the below link if it helps. Other option is to write a custom code using UM API.

If I get more details I will post it here.

Thank you Mahesh…

if you want to automate process to monitor UM assets then writing custom code with UM API will be best option.

you can look at nAdmin API