Queue Count

Hi all,

Currently there is a service called S1, which does JMS send and S2 subscribes. In UM enterprise manager i can see the queue count getting pushed and popped accordingly.

But when i do a snoop, it is not showing any results. Having said that, i did observe one behaviour, where if there is no subscriber to the JMS, i can see the results when snoop is done. My requirement is to know details of the queue when it was published and if possible to even filter out to get the time of it.

Please help…

Hello Manju,

Indeed, this is usually the effect of queues - because consumers read messages destructively, the EM that is effectively peeking inside the queue might miss the event as it was just delivered to a consumer.

Your consumer application could extract that data you are after and log it if you need it. By default the time of the publish would be stamped in the event headers by the UM server.