Subscritpion Acknowledgement

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We have created a Queue and will post the data to the Queue and target is subscribing the data through amqp protocol at particular intervals of time in a day
Sometimes we are posting the data to the Queue and target system is saying some records are not consumed. Can we have logging for particular Queue. how many pushed and popped in a day and can we get acknowledgement when the target system has consumed the message. Could you please help us. We are facing this issue in our project due to proper logging at Queue level in UM.

You can see some statistics on push/pop statistics in Enterprise Manager or in Command Central. But you can’t track individual messages.
Your best approach is to ensure transactional semantics on both the publish and subscribe sides. That will ensure that messages cannot be lost during the handover to and from UM.

Hi Jonathan,

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Could you please let me know what I need to ask my admin team to setup to trace what transactions happening on particular Queue. 

Dont mind could you please let me know about “transactional semantics”

You can look in Enterprise Manager (or recent versions of Command Central) and see push and pop counts on queues. But as I said earlier, you can’t trace individual messages.
For transactional semantics, I mean that you use a LOCAL_TRANSACTION connection and the correct ack settings in an IS trigger to ensure messages are processed before they are acked. You need to think about transaction scope in your integration design.
There is a lot of information on transactions in the IS for JMS user guide.