Mem Files are increasing in UM 10.3

Hi All,

I hope you can help me with this issue, as the new 10.3 is working in our environment and the file system is increasing

The spindle size is set for the default of 50000, but the old mem files are not removed

arent they supposed to be removed automatically ?? or do i have to restart, and remove them manually

thanks for the support

Check auto maintenance option on UM.


Here is some simple documentation on spindles

Ultimately the spindle will be removed when there is no events left to be consumed and we have added 50000 events in that store so if you are using large events you may need to recreate the store with a lower spindle size or turn spindles off for that store by recreating with spindle size 0.

There is no auto maintenance options for this as spindles stores are entirely self maintained.

Let us know if your still having problems and please raise a support request if you are certain that the files are not being removed yet the conditions have been met for the spindle to be removed.

Hi All,

I have tried the auto maintenance and it didn’t work, and also tried to bring the UM down and delete the old mem files to open some space but this went terrible as after the UM is up it is processing old requests !

I really don’t know if it is self maintained why those files were not deleted or what is the way to do it !

this imapcted the production severly

I would never recommend deleting files and not sure if someone has recommended it to you but please do not without first opening a support request, you could be deleting valid state or worse by the sound of it you removed the index files and not the mem files which would allow reprocessing.

Please open a support ticket were you will be able to have active help working through these issues.