Maximum attachment size in Immediate delivery (SMTP) service

We have an interface where we do deliver EDI document as attachment to partners using immediate delivery via SMTP service.

We are using “getDeliveryContent” service to get the content of EDI Envelope document and passing it to pub.client.smtp as attachment content (in form of stream).
It seems that smtp works successfully if the attachment (data) file is equal or less than 2 KB but if the EDI content is of bigger size - smtp doesn’t work. However status of smtp service is “Mail sent Successfully” - but mail is not sent from webMethods integration server. Not to mention I tried large document handling and it gives the same results.

Any pointers to resolve this.


sometimes the messages are sent but end up in junk folder.
also, are you sending the EDI in body of the email or as attachment?

What is your IS version? what is the file size when you say bigger one?

Did you see if the Exchange mail server/exchange you are using supports that size limit or some thing is blocking the limit…can you talk to your exchange admin also?

Have you set any content-type for the EDI files which you don’t have to?

To my experience it works greater than 2KB by default.


Try zipping the file and send it using an email and see if that works. Some times email server filters block messages which have huge attachment files or of restricted file extensions. If that is the case then you can ask the Email server team to remove that filter while sending it from one particular email address (From add used by WM Server).